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Back in 1980 Carmen Tozzi joined the Carpenters Union in Madison, NJ. Upon joining, he attended Morris County Vocational Tech for his 4 year apprenticeship. While going to school at night, Carmen was working days as a helper.​

After four years of being a helper he became a foreman at age 23 up until age 48. While working as a Union Carpenter Foreman on commercial jobs during the week, Carmen began working for a residential contractor on weekends perfecting his carpentry and handyman skills.

After retiring at age 48, Carmen now works for a 62 and older residential complex in Pompton Plains, as he has additionally launched this remarkable "handyman" plus expert carpentry and "anything's possible" residential and commercial $1 A Day maintenance concept. Carmen is a resident of Denville, NJ, and built his house there in 1995.